Murano Vases

One day many years ago, my parents took me to Venice and then to Murano. Upon entering a glass factory, I saw a glassblower create the common little coloured glass horse in a matter of moments. I was only six or seven years old, but I still remember the horse.
I love Venice. I love the smell of water and its canals, its alleyways, its many churches and piazzas. I love the Punta della Dogana at sunset and SaintMark's Square by night.
On every occasion that I spend time in Venice, I never tire of looking at the window displays of glass objects to be discovered."Art" in the midst of other such simple glass and, at times, also china.
I find the glass processing, realised by sensitive and noble souls, to be a true Artform with a capital A, one of the rare times in which man improves what nature offers. Another of those truly rare occasions is when a person takes a rough crystal stone and transforms it into a wonderful multi-faceted and brilliant gem.
That's it! Why not unite these two rare and marvellous moments? Perhaps something beautiful will emerge. I would not do anything more than introduce them and allow them to "unite".

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