The evaluation of stones and jewels establishes the market value and requires in-depth expertise, gemological equipment and a wide specific experience. In our analysis laboratory we personally perform gemological analyzes and all kinds of expertise, from hereditary divisions to expertise in national and foreign caves.

Every analysis or appraisal is performed in front of the client and only after telephone booking.


The goldsmithing skills and the instruments we have available allow us to disassemble and reassemble the stones directly in the laboratory and during the day.

Roberto Spagnolo and Fabio Spagnolo are the gemologists who analyze, perish and certify both in the laboratory and in national and foreign caves.


Here is a detailed list of the instruments present at the LGR Gemological Laboratory in Bergamo:

  • diamond inspector widescope
  • spectroscope
  • thermal tip
  • tester model 590 for moissanite
  • precision balance (0.001ct)
  • electronic gauge
  • polariscope
  • GEMCHROM EOS electronic colorimeter
  • diamonds / cz master series
  • UV lamps (365-254nm, 200-12w)
  • stereomicrospcope with dark field
  • digital stereomicroscope arose with a video camera
  • stereomicroscope transmitted light with polarizer
  • 10x aplanatic – achromatic lens
  • HP-HT diamond treatment tester
  • electronic proportionometer