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The right combination of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and technology. So, our goldsmith laboratory could be described, a magical place where, next to three wind-powered cans, there is a modern laser welding machine.

The jewels we make are unique and personalized pieces, an expression of the craftsmanship and the goldsmith tradition that Robi has been able to transmit to their children.

Made entirely by hand, they are a manifestation of Italian taste and design. The creation of a jewel is a process in which the customer can immerse himself completely, from the first sketches sketched in pencil, to the proof of a wax model. From the raw metal to the glitter of gold that blends with our unique gems.

In our laboratory we produce any type of jewelry strictly by hand and in tune with the needs of the customer.

We aim at the complete personalization of the jewel, from the choice of the stones to the design, in order to always create only unique and original pieces