• Neutralizes any type of radiation, therefore it is used to defend against electromagnetic waves emanating from computers, cell phones, televisions, etc ..;
  • Unlike crystals, it does not charge negatively. In fact, shungite does not emanate its beneficial effects by irradiation but by emitting a Quantum Vortex;
  • It supports and implements the vital energy inherent in every person, for this reason it is recommended for those who are always tired and stressed;
  • It stimulates the immune defenses: for this reason it is good to have it with you in periods of flu epidemics, changes of season, but also during simple convalescences;
  • It protects the environment in which it is inserted: shungite removes negative memories and harmonizes the place, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere
  • It is an excellent natural fertilizer: it improves the productivity of crops by about 30% and at the same time makes them more resistant to diseases;
  • It allows you to adapt more easily to the frequency elevation that the Earth is going through, it also facilitates ascension to the higher realms.

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