Orgonite or orgone is a composite stone, that is to say it consists of a combination of crystals, resin and metal. This particular material is recommended for those who practice meditation, Thai Chi, Yoga or Reiki. The orgone energy is filtered through the device in a spiralized manner, being cleaned of the quartz present inside. This means that if there is DOR energy in the environment it is converted into OR energy at the very moment it passes through the orgonite. Once it is in our possession we must take precautions to ensure that it retains its properties. It must be close to sources of light, preferably natural ones, so the window is excellent, and in the northernmost area of ​​the house because that is the direction from which the orgone energy flows. The orgonite can also be used to improve the quality of the water we drink, by placing the glass container on top of the quartz crystal: you will get an energetic water, beneficial for the body. Among its main properties there is therefore that of protecting from electromagnetic radiation and other forms of polluting energy.

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