The art of carving wood is very ancient and equally noble.

Artisans Artists for millennia have done their utmost to create sculptures that lacked only the breath to be alive. The shops were flourishing and by the name also very important.

The orders were on the agenda and the Church was certainly among the most important clients. Today this Noble Art has almost lost, too much time to make a sculpture by hand and then what would be costing.

Wood has always fascinated me, if I had not done the goldsmith I would have carved the wood.

That’s why years ago I passionately attended a wood carving course and now alternate my works to roots that I personally collect in the woods and then clean and polish, combining them with rare crystals.

Of course I’m definitely not a wood artist, a putto would probably come out ugly but I like to “clean” the wood by removing the dirt and nothing else. Like all my works are nothing but elements of nature that I assemble, I hope in a harmonious way .

With us you can find unique and original objects, furnishing accessories to make your home “precious”.

Trade in works of art – Bergamo – Robi Spagnolo