In furnishing the house, our distinctive feature is given by the furnishing accessories. With this name we refer to all those non-essential but necessary products to give a unique and stylish touch to your home.
Our furnishing accessories include paintings in precious stones, quartzes, geodes, druze and stone jewelry which represent the perfect opportunity to give a stylistic and unique identity to the environment, remembering that an iconic design piece enhances and personalize the environment making it unique and fascinating.

Through colors, shapes and materials donated by Mother Nature and expertly modeled by artisans located all over the world, our furnishing accessories can be integrated with the surrounding furnishings, but they can also be an excellent element of contrast. These works, in a nutshell, give style to the house, light, personality.

Immerse yourself for a moment in our universe made of amethysts, quartz, ancient statues in certified terracotta, jewelry from the heart of Africa, from the millenary Chinese tradition, or from South American forests. Each object reflects a particularity, emanates a unique vibration that will resonate with you and with the environment that hosts it.

Better to choose a few pieces but of quality.

With us you can find unique and original objects, furnishing accessories to make your home “precious”.

Trade in works of art – Bergamo – Robi Spagnolo