Wooden artworks

The art of carving wood is very ancient and equally noble.

Artisan Artists for millennia have worked hard to make sculptures that lacked only the breath to be alive. Their shops were flourishing and were very important by name.

Orders were commonplace and the Church was among the most important customers.

Today this Noble Art has almost become extinct, too long to get a sculpture by hand and then consider the cost.

Wood has always fascinated me, if I had not become a goldsmith I would have carved wood.

That's why for years I have been passionate about a wood carving course and because I alternate my original works with what I personally collect in the woods, cleaning and polishing the wood and then combining them with rare crystals.

Of course I'm definitely not a Wood Artist, a putto probably would get me rough but I like "to clean" The wood, removing the dirt and nothing else.

All my works are nothing but elements of Nature that I assemble, I hope in a harmonious way.

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