Wedding rings

The history of wedding rings refers back to the concepts of loyalty and fidelity, to a ring that symbolically binds two people for life.It is no coincidence that the Italian word for a wedding band - 'fede' - means 'faith' in Latin. Its form is round, spherical and represents the concept of the union.A consecrated union of two people becoming one.The material used, usually yellow gold, is in itself a symbol of the eternity of the love between husband and wife.In the Christian culture, yellow gold has this significance. The wedding band is placed on the left ring finger because of the ancient belief, which dates back to Egyptian times, that upholds that there is a little vein running from this finger, up the arm and connecting straight to the heart.The symbolism of the circle (the word 'annular' and the Italian word for ring - 'anello' - derive from the Latin term 'anulus') of the wedding ring recalls the pagan wedding ceremonies, during which it was tradition to draw a circle on the ground around the bride and groom as a sign of good wishes.In Roman times, the circle become the 'annulus probulus', being the engagement ring that first men and subsequently women had to wear as a bond to their promise of eternal love.Finally, the practice of engraving the names of the couple in the wedding ring dates back to the 1700s.
Over time, wedding bands have become an indissoluble inseparable symbol of the concept of marriage in representing, via their spherical perfection, the perfection of a union, the coupling of the lives of two people in love merging into one.
That is why we ensure the utmost passion goes into the creation, accompanying the client first and foremost in the choice of model and subsequently in the creation of their symbol of eternal love. All of our wedding rings are made by hand and, upon request, can be accompanied by videos of their creation to guarantee the artisan origins, a unique symbol forged by fire and shaped by the hands of an expert goldsmith; a pair of rings that carry with them the warmth and tradition than their equivalents stamped out in a factory could never convey.


The video of the creation

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Also for wedding rings, upon request, we are able to produce a video showing the various stages of production. The winning and consolidated idea is to present the video during the wedding reception where the people gathered and the layout of the tables reflect the union and the sharing with the newlyweds. The five minutes of the video projection become a sacred and exciting moment of sharing.


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The solitaire is the engagement ring par excellence and deserves the utmost care in every detail, from the selection of the diamond to the model and setting. It is an exciting journey which, if requested, can be accompanied by a video of its creation.

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