Goldsmith workshop

The perfect blend of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and technology.


Our goldsmith workshop may be described thus, a magical place in which, alongside three soldering torches, is a modern laser welder.


The jewellery pieces we create are unique and custom made, expressions of craftsmanship and of the goldsmith tradition that Robi has been able to pass on to his children.Made entirely by hand, they are a manifestation of Italian taste and design.


The creation of a piece of jewellery is a process in which the client can immerse themselves completely, from the first sketches in pencil, to the testing in a wax model.From the raw metals to the glimmer of gold that merges with our unique gemstones.


How wondrous to see the pieces of jewellery take shape and, above all, how much satisfaction there is in knowing you have been part of this amazing process!


If all this is accomplished in our work as "jewellery merchants", it is thanks to you that we have helped to contribute and spread a little harmony and perhaps even love.

All the jewellery we offer is handmade in our goldsmith workshop, created with natural stones that we ourselves go to seek out from every corner of the world. Each gemstone is unique and unequalled, ensuring that all of our jewellery is a non-replicable one-off.

Feel the difference

Inserisci il sottotitolo qui

This video shows the way we work, when the bezel fits into the shank and the interlocking is clearly felt, with the two parts of the ring proving so well united even before the welding. At times, even just this interlocking is suffice to ensure high-end jewellery.

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