Works of art:Bronzes

The exhibition of minerals and gemstones in Tucson is undoubtedly the world's biggest and most entertaining fair in our sector.
You have to hire a car for a week and travel amongst the marquees, fields, motels, hotels and pavilions.There, you can find everything from prehistoric human skulls, meteorites, minerals, gemstones, pearls, and so on...
Having only just arrived, my son Fabio and I began to travel around in the car, allowing our intuition to lead the way.
The first display area was a large expanse of African stalls, seeming just like a market in Africa."We are wasting time here, dad. There is nothing precious to be found here".
I suggested we stay for ten minutes, given that I have always had a positive view of Africa and it had been quite some time since my last visit. We wandered about to" explore".
After a while, my attention was drawn to a stall with ancient/old Malian bronzes, very special but all tossed down haphazardly. I immediately sensed why I felt the need to stop here. Why not purchase some of these and embellish them as they deserve?
Here is the result.
I do not know if I have scribed something pleasantly harmonious. All I know is that these bronzes have been greatly appreciated and now feel valuable and important, admired by the people that take them home.


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